Lace-up to Race at Your Pace

Be a part of this virtual event and support the ones who tread miles for some clean water.

Progress Report

60 Km

15000 Participants

Event Information


Run/ Walk/ Cycle in the comfort of your home, at a time that suits your schedule.

Start Date
Oct 15, 2021
End Date
Oct 17, 2021
Start Time
10:00 AM
End Time
12:00 AM

How To Participate

3. Read the rules carefully
2. Receive the confirmation email
1. Donate to register for the race
4. Run, walk or cycle at your convenience
5. Track your efforts & upload your progress
6. Download the E-certificate & Share

About The Blue Mile

The Blue Mile is the first-of-its-kind virtual event, ‘Run’ for Water, organized by WaterAid India, a part of the global WaterAid network that seeks to improve and change lives for good.

This is a crude fact that women and children are most vulnerable communities when we talk about ‘access to clean water’. As per the data shared globally, women and children specially girls spend 200 million hours every day collecting water. They take onus to ensure their family gets clean water for their households. In their efforts to get water for their families, they often face an impossible choice - certain death without water or possible death due to illness from dirty water.

With an aim to sensitize people about the struggles of millions of Indians who do not have access to clean water, the first edition of Blue mile was launched on March 3rd, 2019, in Hyderabad and followed by the second edition in 2020.

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